Our Philosophy

Early, Diligent Focus on What Matters for Successful Applications

Preparing for the college application process should happen over several years, and this can be a daunting time for any student. With so many different activities and ways to use their time, many students today find it difficult to identify and focus on what really matters in the eyes of admissions officers.


The approach we take to college admissions centers around the idea that a select few activities add substantial value to a student’s application profile because these activities further differentiate him or her from the competition. The reality is that most activities add little to no value to a student’s application profile or theme in the eyes of admissions officers.


When we work together with a student and his or her family, our first step is to develop the theme of the student’s application based on the student’s interests as well as long-term personal and professional goals. Then we work with the student and his or her family to identify complementary activities, summer programs, and other unique experiences that will further reinforce this theme—and the student pursues these activities and programs in the years leading up to the application process. This approach helps ensure the student’s application is focused on what truly matters for admissions success.