Complete Guidance Program Components

Academic, Extracurricular, and Standardized Testing Guidance

  • Review and refine high school academic course schedules to engage the student and best position him/her for the college admissions process.
  • Identify the student’s passions and interests, and create a plan to develop them.
  • Develop and guide execution on ideas for unique extracurricular activities including unique organizations, an entrepreneurial business, a service project, or a research initiative.
  • Review and recommend engaging summer activities, language programs, work experiences, and academic courses to further reinforce the student’s application profile.
  • Provide the student with strategies on how to obtain in- and out-of-school leadership and other valuable third-party recognition.
  • Support the student in filling out applications for available leadership/community service awards, and serve as Listed Advisor when applicable.
  • Analyze and determine appropriate standardized testing schedules for all necessary and recommended tests (ACT / SAT / PSAT / SAT IIs, etc.).
  • Offer guidance in standardized test preparation solutions for students based on available time and personal goals.

College Selection

  • Develop a preliminary list of colleges based on the student’s goals that includes safety, target, and reach schools.
  • Determine which school(s) to apply Early Decision and/or Early Action to, as well as a college update strategy following the initial application submission.
  • Research and discuss potential colleges with the student including applicable academic programs and courses in areas of student interest as well as study-abroad and professional internship and full-time opportunities available.
  • Work with the student and family to prioritize and plan for college visits as appropriate or desired.
  • Manage communications with college admissions office representatives as needed (most applicable for student athletes).

Written Application Preparation

  • Develop an actionable timeline that lays out the process and timing for the assembly of all written college application components.
  • Keep the family informed and the student on task to complete all components of targeted college applications, including the Common Application and individual school supplement materials as well as standardized test score submissions, application deadlines, school transcript submissions, letters of recommendation, and supplementary materials.
  • Provide tried and tested resume and awards/activities templates and advise students on how to best frame extracurricular activities, academic accomplishments, work experiences, summer activities, and leadership awards to strengthen the appeal of a student’s candidacy in the eyes of admissions committees.
  • Provide feedback on the selection of teacher recommendations and other sources for third-party letters of recommendation or reference.
  • Provide actionable feedback and suggestions on written teacher recommendations and third-party letters of recommendation or reference.
  • Brainstorm and edit personal statements, the common app essay, short-answer essays, and other required school supplementary essays to best highlight the most appealing aspects of the student’s profile.
  • Provide access to the Ivy League Prep admissions team for a comprehensive review of complete applications for specific schools; Ivy League Prep clients receive the benefit of the experience of the entire Ivy League Prep admissions team.
  • Prepare for college admission interviews with simulated, mock interview sessions; develop bullet-point interview outlines for important themes/points to convey to admissions officers and representatives.

Choosing a College

  • Evaluate offers of admission and help the student and family select the college or university that offers the best opportunities and personal fit for the student.
  • Develop a strategy in the event that a student is deferred or waitlisted at a specific school (if applicable and desired).