Why a Top College

Few Decisions Have as Great an Impact as the Choice of a College


Gaining admission to a highly competitive college in the U.S. is like winning a lottery ticket to success for several reasons.

  • Job offers from the most prestigious (and high paying) firms: all of the top firms across all industries—including technology, finance, consulting, law, and business—come to the campuses of the top schools in America to recruit new talent.
  • Top graduate school placement: the best graduate schools are looking for highly motivated and accomplished undergraduate students for their programs. Most highly competitive undergraduate programs have smaller class sizes, so the odds of gaining admission to a selective graduate program increase because fewer students apply for the same graduate school slots.
  • An extensive alumni network: because most competitive schools have a strong alumni base—in terms of wealth, high level positions, deep relationships, and a diverse geographic footprint—new student alumni are at a distinct advantage to access career opportunities through these well-built networks.
  • The highest quality education available worldwide: the top private colleges and universities in the U.S., which include The Ivy League and other competitive schools such as MIT, Stanford and Duke University, are consistently ranked as the highest quality educational institutions in the world for students to attend.