Why Choose Us

We know that you are very busy and have an unpredictable schedule. Therefore, Ivy League Prep is committed to assist you by making itself accessible to you seven days a week, 24 hours per day. All clients receive the direct cell phone number of a Managing Director and are in constant communication during the entire admissions process. Client emails are responded to within 24 hours, typically faster, and often immediately. The bottom line: Ivy League Prep is here for you when needed while when other firms may take several business days to reply.
All of our team members are graduates of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Duke, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, and other top schools. We proudly feature their credentials and unique experiences on our website so that you know in advance the caliber and quality of our team. These professionals are committed exclusively to Ivy League Prep and to your personal admissions success.
At Ivy League Prep, you get the best of both worlds—the continuity and accountability of a dedicated and experienced Managing Director AND the school-specific knowledge of an entire admissions team. Based on background, admission goals, and chemistry, each client is matched with one of our Managing Directors, each of whom has extensive admissions experience and a track record of success.

As confirmed by our client testimonials and admissions track record, the best results come from working exclusively with one person who knows you and your candidacy intimately, advising you on how to present, supplement and further refine your admissions profile for each targeted school.

At Ivy League Prep, your Managing Director leverages access to colleagues any time that a second opinion is beneficial to your candidacy. This means that every client gets the intimate one-on-one service of a boutique firm AND the breadth and depth of a bulge bracket admissions firm.

Our involvement eliminates the stress and confusion that parents and students normally face when going through the college application process for the first and only time. Clients consistently share stories with us about how different their experiences were throughout the application process compared with those of their fellow students and their families. Ivy League Prep is a completely objective third party that (i) manages the application process, bringing clarity to timing and long-term application strategy, and (ii) creates the needed commitment from students and parents alike to direct additional time and focus to the areas that really matter.
We serve as mentors to students, inspiring them to work hard and reach their full potential and crystallizing the importance of attending a competitive college. Students relate to us because we are not 50+-year-old retired admissions directors but young, successful professionals and graduates of the top universities in the world. Our Managing Directors attended Harvard and Yale University and received employment offers from some of the most prestigious financial and management consulting firms in the United States, including Goldman Sachs and the Boston Consulting Group. Clients consistently share with us that they choose to engage us not only for admissions services, but because they want us to mentor and inspire their children throughout the application process.
Unlike other firms, we have a dedicated team of editors. Every essay, short answer response, resume, writing supplement, and piece of direct correspondence is reviewed and refined by at least two professionals. With years of experience and success in refining essays and other written materials, they understand the admissions process and what schools are focused on when reviewing undergraduate application materials. Every written component for each college application is thoughtfully reviewed for quality, impact, and differentiation by our skilled professionals.
Ivy League Prep offers the complete process for admissions success: from critical assessment of your candidacy, to strategic planning over an extended time horizon, to teacher and third-party recommendation strategy, to essay advice and refinement, to interview preparation, to final application review, to follow-up communications and correspondence after applications are submitted, and even through the waitlist process.

Our team will help you optimize your admissions profile with clarity, differentiation, and impact. We will provide immediately actionable feedback and guidance that will directly improve your odds of admission at the most competitive colleges and universities. Anything less limits your chances for admission and puts your candidacy at risk.

Unlike some other admissions consulting firms, we do not give free, personalized admissions guidance via blogs, podcasts, and public forums that benefits other applicants competing against our valued clients. We also do not publish “insider” admissions guides or literature that would reveal to the masses our proven strategies, tactics, and highly valued intellectual property. Such public information sharing only dilutes the effectiveness of our advice and experience by helping other applicants and revealing the insights that we have worked hard to develop over the years for the exclusive benefit of our clients. At Ivy League Prep, our sole focus is on you and your admissions success. Our refined, in-house expertise becomes your competitive advantage in truly differentiating your admissions candidacy from the thousands of other applicants applying today.
When you work with Ivy League Prep, you get more than just our time and experience. Clients also have use of our proprietary tools, frameworks, and resources, which we have developed and refined based on historical admissions results. Specifically, we introduce the criteria used in the admissions process by top undergraduate schools. We then work with our clients to develop strategies to best reflect those criteria in their admissions profiles. We guide them through the development, framing, and positioning of their stories, while evaluating and critiquing the strength of their overall candidacy from the viewpoint of the admissions office. Our tactical and detail-oriented approach   ensures that your candidacy is authentic, compelling, and differentiated from the competition. Our documented success rate and collection of client testimonials confirms our proven impact and client satisfaction.
Our one-time, flat fee and unlimited time commitment ensures the full attention and direct access that your candidacy deserves. Other firms may promise “unlimited access” but then disappear when you need help most—as application deadlines near. At Ivy League Prep, you know from day one of our engagement what you will pay and what you will receive. Clients consistently tell us that given our track record and the resulting reduction of stress throughout the application process, our Complete Guidance Package is not only a great value, but one of the best family decisions they have made.
Once admitted to a top school, all of our clients have a one-on-one private consultation on their post-undergraduate career goals with one of our Managing Directors. For those students who are uncertain of exactly what they want to do after graduation, we help them understand opportunities, obstacles, employers, and industries. We provide actionable insights on junior-year summer internships and full-time senior-year recruiting. As stated previously, our Managing Directors attended Harvard and Yale University and received employment offers from some of the most prestigious financial and management consulting firms, including Goldman Sachs and the Boston Consulting Group.
If you have not yet achieved your desired score on the SAT, ACT, or SAT IIs, then Ivy League Prep can help. Over the years, we have learned which test preparation providers are the most effective. We also provide advice on which test(s) to take and when – – to optimize the individual candidates chances of the greatest success. Whether you prefer individual, group, or online consultation, we can introduce you to the ideal resource for your needs and your budget. This advice is provided at no additional charge and is solely in your best interest, with no compensation or referral fees of any kind in return.