The Benefits of Having a Green Card for College Admissions

Holders of U.S. green cards are granted permanent residency in the United States, making their ...
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What to Do When Waitlisted

For a lot of college applicants, spring represents the culmination of many months—years, even—of hard work. This is when they find out whether they will be attending their top-choice school in the fall. However, many students fail to prepare for what happens after the college letters come in. Although appli...
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Things You May Have Missed in Your College Admission Planning Process

The college admissions planning process can be overwhelming. Important tasks can sometimes be missed as you work to stay on top of your homework, prepare for standardized tests, take part in all-important extracurricular activities, and enjoy some much-deserved dow...
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You Need to All Know About the College Interview

You’ve completed your college applications and sent them in. Your high school years are drawing to a close. The next hurdle you need to get past is the college interview. It’s a relatively brief moment in time but one you should be well prepared for. So, we’ve gathered some information...
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Finding the Best College for You

Choosing among the thousands of U.S. colleges available to students today is no small feat, and without a plan it can leave your head spinning. On the other hand, having a road map to follow can make this difficult decision much easier. These guidelines can help you navigate the college application an...
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Tips for Completing the Common Application

The Common Application, also known as the Common App, is going to be your best friend during the college application process. This online tool ...
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How to Write a Brilliant “Why This College” Essay

When it comes time to apply to your dream college, there’s a lot to prepare. But you’re on top of it. You’ve ordered your transcript to showcase your academic prowess, you’ve collected raving letters of references from prominent figures in your academic and professional life, and you’ve penned a brilliantly convinci...
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Admission Rates Lower for Female Applicants

Getting accepted to an elite college has never been more difficult, especially for women. To all the young women who got admitted last year, Great job! You really earned it. Why? Because one of academia’s little-known secrets is that private college admissions are exempt from Continue reading

New SAT Changes Coming in Spring 2016

The new SAT to be administered in March for the first time won't penalize students for wrong answers, will offer them the option of writing an essay and will no longer test for vocabulary words they likely haven't heard, according to the College Board and a local education official.
The College Board presented c...
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Stanford Admits Record Low of 5% for Class of 2019

STAN Stanford University is letting in a record low 5 percent of freshman applicants as it vies to be named the most-selective U.S. school for the second year in a...
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