Complete Guidance Programs

Complete Guidance Programs: Unlimited Access to a Managing Director

Ivy League Prep Complete Guidance programs are completely customizable and include an unlimited amount of time with one of our Managing Directors. Following the Initial Consultation, one of our Managing Directors will recommend one of our Complete Guidance programs that will take the student through the entire college admissions process.

The relationship between the student (and his/her family) and our Managing Directors is completely fluid and based on the particular needs of each student. Students are given the direct contact information (personal e-mail and cell phone) of their Managing Director, who is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year .

Whether our students need a quick 20-minute review of a resume, or want to brainstorm about summer activities for 2 hours, or need help over a weekend with a letter from a medical practitioner requesting additional testing time for a standardized test, Ivy League Prep is on call for our clients at all times for all aspects of the college admissions strategy process.

College Admission Today: Highly Competitive and Becoming Harder

Gaining admission to top schools today requires much more than impressive test scores and high grades. Today, competitive colleges and universities admit students who they believe will make a unique and valuable contribution to the school community by enhancing the college experience of their fellow classmates.

A student’s potential to make such a contribution to the school community is evaluated based entirely on his/her accomplishments or track record to date and whether or not the admissions committee actually believes that the student will make an immediate, real, positive impact in the community if admitted.

The Ivy League Prep Approach: Complete Guidance Early in the Process

The Ivy League Prep approach focuses on helping students, with the support of their families, to identify, develop, and leverage their strengths and personal interests to make a creative impact in their local communities through a unique organization, an entrepreneurial business, a service project, or a research initiative.

Our Complete Guidance programs for 8-11th grade and 12th grade students offer comprehensive, individually tailored advice throughout the entire admissions process with the goal of developing a student’s unique edge for admission over a multi-year period. Getting started earlier is always better and provides more time for ideas to be developed and executed over time, yielding a better result and increasing a student’s odds of admission at his/her target schools.

Not all students are the same. Some students begin to think about preparing for the college admissions process earlier than others. Ivy League Prep offers Complete Guidance programs for students at every stage of the college admissions process.

Because all colleges and universities consider a student’s entire high school record, including their academic transcripts, in-school and out-of-school extracurricular activities, summer experiences, and work experiences, it is absolutely crucial that students recognize the importance of how their decisions today will impact their odds of admission years later when it is time to apply to their target schools .

Mentorship from Highly Successful and Driven Professionals

Mentorship is one of the most valuable aspects of our Complete Guidance program. Students work directly with one of our Managing Directors, who are each highly successful professionals who attended both Harvard and Yale University and went on to work for some of the most prestigious global firms, including Goldman Sachs and The Boston Consulting Group.

Our Managing Directors are easy for students to connect with and look up to, as they are not ex-admissions officers who worked in admissions offices 20 years ago.

Our Managing Directors personally experienced the value of attending a top school and leveraged that experience into the same professional opportunities that many of our students are also hoping to realize.

Over the course of an ongoing Ivy League Prep program, students will learn the importance of developing an organization system, a challenging academic course load, unique extracurricular activities, and a well-researched standardized testing plan.

The Accountability of a Managing Director and School-Specific Team Knowledge

At Ivy League Prep, clients get the best of both worlds—the continuity and accountability of a dedicated and experienced Managing Director AND the school-specific knowledge of an entire admissions team . As confirmed by our client testimonials and admissions track record, the best results come when students work exclusively with one person who knows them and their candidacy intimately, advising them on how to present, supplement, and further refine their admissions profile for each targeted school.

At Ivy League Prep, the Managing Directors leverage access to colleagues any time that a second opinion is beneficial to students’ candidacy. This means that every client gets the intimate one-on-one service of a boutique firm AND the breadth and depth of an established admissions firm.